Flash Guide! How to find a House using EIRCODE

There are a few ways to find a house using EIRCODE. It depends on where you are and what you are after. Whether you are on your bike, in your truck or at home we explored all the different options and have collected them for you in this quick guide.

To get started, you can pick your own starting point from below.  Are you driving, at home or on your mobile device?

Land Rover on a Street in Heavy Snow

From your car, lorry, or delivery vehicle

You have a few options when locating a house using the EIRCODE while in your vehicle. Obviously, you could go with your mobile phone (we have some app options listed below), but if you are looking for more of a permanent solution modern Sat Navs are the way to go. With options like live traffic, lifetime updates and being quite thrifty on your data connection, Sat Navs have come a long way in the past 10 years.

I reached out to a number of GPS Sat Nav manufacturers to see exactly which devices support the Irish EIRCODE postcode format and compiled a list. If you don’t want to waste time here are our top options both for personal and commercial use.

? – Garmin DriveSmart 65

The top of the line Gamin DriveSmart 65 is our pick, not because of the wiz-bang features and functionality, but for its snappy performance, future-proof tech, and Ireland & Full-Europe support.

? – Garmin dezl 580 – for Lorry

Optimized for road restrictions and lorry support, the dezl 580 with EIRCODE, Full Europe Maps and Traffic is a driver’s dream. 

Paint set on a table

From your computer

Surprisingly, there are just a few options when trying to find a house using EIRCODE from your computer. Online maps like Google Maps are getting better at having a complete database.  I also offer an online tool that pulls direct from the EIRCODE database of houses. It just depends on your workflow and what you are after.


Google Maps 

Answers: How do I navigate to an EIRCODE?

Google Maps is an option if you are looking for directions. Google Maps is geared more at personal use and not the business user. It lacks features like route planning with lots of stops and address verification is simply absent. Unfortunately, Google is playing catchup with the EIRCODE database and many people are having to manually submit their EIRCODE to Google and then wait to have it added to the database. This makes Google Maps an inconsistent option and one that we don’t recommend.


EIRCODE-Finder Tool

Answers: What address / GPS position does this EIRCODE refer to?

The EIRCODE-Finder tool is great if you are trying to validate an address and want to make sure you have the right address. If you are trying to find an EIRCODE by GPS you can do that with my tool. My tool is more for business users who are constantly searching for EIRCODEs or looking to validate EIRCODEs and get addresses from them.

Click on “Get Started” to launch the tool.



 Answers: What is my EIRCODE

This is the official resource for requesting EIRCODES, but you are limited to an everchanging number of searches per day. This tool has not been optimized for general day-to-day use, but more for determining the EIRCODE of your house and then as a reference going forward.

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