Which Sat Navโ€™s are compatible with the Irish EIRCODE postcode system?

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We reached out to the top Sat Nav manufacturers to get the right information for you to find which Sat Nav devices support the Irish EIRCODE system.

As of March 2021, the following devices support finding and address from an EIRCODE.

A note on Garmin

Garminโ€™s devices do support the EIRCODE postcode, either directly out of the box or with a quick update.

A note on TomTom

At the time of this writing, TomTom Sat Navโ€™s, in general,ย do not support the EIRCODE postcode. That being said, I have been told they are working on it. When and if support comes to TomTom devices, I will be updating the table below with the list of compatible devices.

Without further adieu, here are the supported GPS devices, that we know of, that support the EIRCODE system.

Our Top Picks

๐Ÿ—บ โ€“ Garmin DriveSmart 65

The top of the line Gamin DriveSmart 65 is our pick, not because of the wiz-bang features and functionality, but for its snappy performance, future-proof tech, and Ireland & Full-Europe support.

๐Ÿ—บ โ€“ Garmin dezl 580 โ€“ with Lorry Support

Optimized for road restrictions and lorry support, the dezl 580 with EIRCODE, Full Europe Maps and Traffic is a driverโ€™s dream.

GPSs with EIRCODE Support

EIRCODE SupportLearn moreSize
โœ…5-inch | 7-inch

GPSs with EIRCODE Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can EIRCODEs be used on Sat Nav?

Of course, but the Sat Nav companies are playing catchup to the EIRCODE format. At the time of this writing, Garmin seems to be the only company supporting the standard. TomTom has made a press release that support will be forthcoming, but Garmin is the only company with devices for sale that support the EIRCODE format.

Is there a Truck Sat Nav that Supports EIRCODES?

Yes, at the time of this writing there is only 1 Sat Nav that supports both Lorry restrictions and the EIRCODE format. The Garmin dezl 580 supports both Lorry/Truck restrictions and the EIRCODE format. You can pick one up for a pretty reasonable price over on Amazon. There are both 5-inch and 7-inch versions depending on your need.

Why not just use Google Maps or Waze?

While you could just use Google Maps or Waze to do your navigation, having a dedicated device that is not eating up all your mobile data and draining your mobile phoneโ€™s battery. Additionally, there are numerous reports of Google Maps not having specific EIRCODE addresses available to mapping. Eventually, I believe this will be fixed, but for the time being, you may run into difficulties with Google Maps and Waze.