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The fastest way to find your EIRCODE

The best way to answer the question, “what is my EIR code?” is by using a specialist website. You can find your EIRCODE by searching using an address or even GPS(you know, like latitude, longitude).

Click the “Get Started” button to the right to launch the EIRCODE-Finder lookup tool to search and find out your EIRCODE.


Perhaps you just moved to a new flat, or you have run into a website that has asked for a code. finding your EIRCODE it’s probably the last thing that you want to be thinking about right now, but we have a few resources to help you.

There are a few different ways to find your EIRCODE, though not all ways are equal. You could find it by Googling your address ( if you are able to) or you could try to find it through your local council’s website. unfortunately, though not all of those have the best data. Using a dedicated website like this one can help.

Google Maps it

Using Google Maps you can try and search for your EIRCODE. Unfortunately, most of the EIRCODEs listed on Google actually come from user submissions. It is a good idea to submit your EIRCODE to Google because it will more easily enable delivery drivers to find your address. Since Google may not know your EIRCODEs you have to use a specialist website. (This Site! ?)

Specialist websites like will help you in this. and offers a few different ways to find your EIRCODE, like the ability to search by GPS address, House address, or even with an EIRCODE to find a corresponding address!

Hopefully, through one of the options above, you will have been able to find your EIRCODE quickly and easily.

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