What is the EIRCODE Format? And how to Decipher…

Quick Summary of the EIRCODE Format

The format of the EIR code is quite simple. There are 3 letters followed by 4 making up up a 7 character EIR code. 

The first 3 characters create a “routing key”. The routing key helps identify the region/city/town for the EIR code. This could be Dublin, Dungarvan, or Galway. 

The next four(4)  digits indicate a unique identifier for EIRCODE. This is unique to each address.

At first, when you see the new EIR code format, it can seem like a foreign language. In fact, it is actually quite simple and orderly once you understand the basic components.

So what is the EIRCODE format?

Let’s do this with an example. going to look at St. James Hospital in Dublin. Below you will see the address of the hospital followed by the EIRCODE starting with D08.

James St, Saint James’ (part of Phoenix Park), Dublin 8, D08 NHY1

The D08 is the “Routing Key” or “Routing Code”.  This is the code that lets the Post or anyone really, figure out what city, town, or region that EIRCODE will be located in. 

The following 4 digit code is a unique identifier of the location within the Routing Key area.  In this case, it is “NHY1”.

The only curious part about the new format is that for some smaller towns there can be the same beginning 3 letters of the EIRCODEs.

Now that you know the format for the EIRCODE we hope that this helps in deciphering address information going forward.

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